Is Phenergan Safe During Pregnancy

Pregnant women may wonder, “Is Phenergan safe during pregnancy?” if you have never thought of seeking medication for your morning sickness when you are pregnant, then you are one of those lucky ones who are never quite bothered by morning sickness. Phenergan is a rug that is used for the management and treatment of morning sickness among pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy. When in its extreme, morning sickness can cause you ti lose a lot of weight and a lot of water in your body which will endanger the life of the baby you are carrying. It is important too to weigh the risks and the potential benefits of this drug if you are planning to use it for the treatment of any of these diseases when you are pregnant. It has been known to cause respiratory problems for the baby when it is used during labor. When used in children under the age of two, it has been known to cause potentially fatal side effects like breathing problems that could lead to death. It is very important to pay attention to the potential risks of using this medication as it may also lead to late pregnancy loss when it is used for a long time.